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Elena Soterakis is a Brooklyn based visual artist whose work explores themes of disposability and impending ecological disaster. With her work, she attempts to understand human irrationality and the conflict between America’s throw-away society and the preservation of our environment. “Ecocide,” her most recent series, was created out of a deep concern for the natural world; it is a commentary on unchecked consumerism, corporatism, and monoculture – which is destroying the planet.

Soterakis’ work has recently been exhibited nationally at JONATHAN FERRARA GALLERY, in New Orleans, the Center for Contemporary Political Art in Washington D.C. and Winter Street Gallery at Sawyer Yards in Houston, Texas. In addition, she has exhibited throughout New York at the Flowers Gallery, The NARS Foundation, The Islip Museum, The Long Island Museum, Sotheby’s, The NPR/WNYC Jerome L. Greene Space.

Northwestern University Press published Soterakis’ artwork as the cover image for William Olsen’s 6th anthology of poems, Techno-Rage. Soterakis also has received a fellowship from the Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts and attended their summer residency program, and was a chosen participant in the New York Foundation for the Arts MARK Program.

January of 2019, Elena Soterakis and fellow artist Jeannine Bardo founded BioBAT Art Space, the first exhibition space in New York City entirely dedicated to the intersection of Science and Art, located in the Brooklyn Army Terminal.  

Soterakis received her MFA in painting from the New York Academy of Art and her BFA from The School of Visual Arts. She is an Adjunct Professor of Visual Arts at Suffolk County Community College and the City University of New York’s Stella and Charles Guttman Community College.